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Product Review: Kortni Jeane Swimsuits

Product Review: Kortni Jeane Swimsuits

I had the opportunity to review Kortni Jeane swimsuits just in time for summer and couldn’t have been more excited! Ever since finding out I was having a girl, the thought of eventually wearing matching outfits and all things frilly, girly and fun were at the top of my “to do” list, so wanting to shop for coordinating swimsuits was a no-brainer!

Since we live in Florida and frequent the beach, swimsuits that are comfortable and cute are simply a MUST. Once I started browsing through the selection on KortniJeane.com I was impressed with the number of different style tops and bottoms offered: 15 variations of each! These styles vary in coverage from high-waisted to skirts and even maternity! It is clear that each cut is thoughtfully designed with the intent to look beautiful while also feeling comfortable on any body-type. Kortni Jeane also offers a few one-piece options as well as swimsuits for the entire family, ranging from adult, youth and babies!

As we all know, shopping for clothing is already difficult, let alone shopping online for swimsuits. I found the “fit guide” on the Kortni Jeane website incredibly helpful and LOVED that the models were of various sizes and body-types, making it MUCH easier to envision how the various swimsuit styles would fit on my body.

Let’s breakdown what I selected, shall we? As we all know, black is flattering on practically anyone and a color that I usually gravitate towards, so naturally I wanted it as the primary color of our suits. There were various colors and patterns to choose from, so I went with the black and white “grid” pattern to offset the solid black. Here’s what I went with:

My suit-

Top: “swing top” size small in solid black ($75)

Bottoms: “cut high bottoms” size large in “grid” ($45)

My little girls suit-

Top: Mini swing top in grid, size 18-24 month ($25)

Bottoms: Mini all ruffled up bottoms in black, size 18-24 month ($25)

Scroll to see our Kortni Jeane suits in action below:

kortni blog3.jpg
kortni blog.jpg

Overall I truly love our Kortni Jeane suits! They’re not only adorable, but also very comfortable. I love the attention to detail, additional coverage beyond your typical bikini swimsuit and unique design that I haven’t seen anywhere else! I also love that this company allows you to coordinate the entire family while also accommodating ALL shapes and sizes!

I do feel the price point is a LITTLE steep. If you were to shop both of our swimsuits shown above, it would cost you $170, but the quality is definitely there. Compared other brands that feel cheap and thin, Kortni Jeane swimsuits feel thick and well-made. I would definitely shop from them again and would be extremely interested in their maternity suits when its time for baby number 2! I hope you found my review helpful! Click on the link below to find coordinating swimsuits with your little ones!

XO, Nikki

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