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Blog: All Moms Are Occupational Moms.

Blog: All Moms Are Occupational Moms.

Hi there! Welcome to my brand-spanking-new website and blog!

I’ve been on the fence about creating one of these for months and finally pulled the trigger and just did it! Let’s face it, we’re all social media junkies who spend entirely too much time staring at our phones on Instagram and Facebook in general. Maybe working on this will prevent me from continuing to get sucked into mindlessly watching funny animal videos on Facebook. More than likely not, but worth a shot, anyway. Be forewarned, i’ve been known to not only be sarcastic and potty-mouthed, but also very “comma happy” as the Husband puts it. If you can’t handle sarcasm and an inappropriate amount of run on sentences with occasional cursing, I urge you to just do yourself a favor and abandon ship now.

As you probably already know (i’m assuming you found me on Instagram, Facebook or because I was shamelessly plugging my new website to you! Ha!) I’m a thirty-something pilot wife to a seriously AWESOME, extremely supportive (and handsome) Husband. I’m also “Momma” to a gorgeous little girl I struggled to conceive for almost three years. After many failed IUI’s, crappy Fallopian tubes, laparoscopic surgery to remove said crappy Fallopian tubes (this is a future blog post in itself) and eventual IVF, we finally conceived our miracle girl! She’s now a bright-eyed and spunky one-year-old who is on the move and happier than ever! I’ve always been very transparent and honest in regard to my infertility struggles on social media and definitely plan on sharing my story on here! That’s what blogs are for after all, right? If just one person could be positively impacted from sharing my infertility struggles, all of these run on sentences and sarcasm would be totally worth it!

Alright, let’s backtrack for a minute and start with the basics, shall we? “The Occupational Mom. com” I’m sure you’re wondering why would I choose such a weird title. Well, it’s relatively simple and not as lame and boring as you might think! 👇🏼

*Word: Occupational 

*Pronunciation: [ok-yuh-pey-shuh-nl]


*Definition: Relating to a job, trade or profession

Pretty straight-forward, huh? Each and every mom is an occupational mom if you think about it. We are all working non-stop, with no days off taking care of our kids and maintaining our homes. Literally just maintaining those two things alone are enough to fill every hour of your day! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a full-time working mom or find yourself somewhere in between, you are an occupational mom. So cheers, sister! You’re likely a badass multi-tasker who survives off of too little sleep and is captain of a chaotic, yet beautiful ship called “home.” I know I should include that you also likely “survive off of kindness & caffeine”, but i’ve turned into one of those crazy people who only drink decaf and can no longer relate. Nuts, I know. Don’t judge me. I’ll throw back some wine though! I’m definitely basic in that regard!

Aside from the obvious definition of what an “occupational mom” is, I am also an Occupational Therapy Assistant. See what I did there? I couldn’t help but find it perfectly appropriate when trying to come up with a somewhat clever and unique name for this site. Did I succeed? I sure hope so! If you don’t agree, I suggest finding that little red dot on the top left corner of the screen for Mac users or that little “x” on the top right for PC users. Now click. Deuces! Just kidding, I really need the website traffic so don’t go anywhere.

Since I plan on not only spilling my guts and occasional dirty laundry on this electronic diary that literally anyone will be able to read, (which is basically the complete opposite of an actual diary’s purpose) I also plan on peppering in the occasional developmentally appropriate play ideas for little ones! I wouldn’t be much a COTA (Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant) using the title “The Occupational Mom” for my website if I didn’t! 

Along with all of the enamoring topics mentioned above, I also plan on posting product reviews from brands I love and adore as well as some new ones! I always found myself scouring the internet for reviews prior to purchasing something, so why not just create the reviews myself? I get to review the product, hopefully make a little money (because lets be honest, why WOULDN’T you want to make money?) the brand is happy because now they have a thorough review of their product out in cyber space and you benefit from having a straightforward, honest review from ME! Win, win for everyone! Woo hoo! So if product reviews, infertility talk, occasional gut-spilling, dirty laundry airing and run-on sentences sound decent or somewhat palatable, you’re in the right place!

Welcome to TheOccupationalMom.com!

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Product Review: Keenz Stroller Wagon Model 7s